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Artificial Grass in Lightwater | The Benefits

Timeless Blades is a trusted supplier and installer of synthetic grass in Lightwater. We have seen artificial grass become an increasingly popular option for homeowners, businesses, tradesmen and landscapers in the Surrey area, due to its wide range of benefits. Whether you’re interested in an artificial lawn for your home or fake grass décor for a commercial property, you can enjoy the following benefits.


Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to weekends spent mowing and watering your garden, one of the best things about artificial grass it that it needs little maintenance to keep looking fresh all year long. The only things needed to maintain an artificial lawn is, to brush leaves and debris off, avoid hot items such as cigarettes and BBQ ash from touching the fake grass and hosing down the area once you have removed pet waste from the synthetic grass surface.



Artificial grass is designed to be extremely durable, withstanding high-levels of footfall, rain, sun exposure, wind and pet use. At Timeless Blades, our landscapers supply and install Turfworks fake grass for clients in Lightwater. Turfworks products are manufactured using advanced yarn technology and UltaBak double layer backing cloth, for creating synthetic grass which is outstanding in strength and durability.



An artificial lawn is ideal for homeowners wanting a hygienic environment for their family and pets. Once successfully installed by yourself or our expert landscapers, artificial grass will drain water quickly, is easy to clean and covers muddy areas. It is also ideal for commercial clients in Lightwater, such as restaurant owners and outdoor event organisers, where maintaining a safe and healthy environment is vital.


Aesthetic Appeal

New technology has transformed the appearance of synthetic grass, keeping it rich in colour during all seasons and maintaining a natural-looking appearance. Manufacturing techniques such as UV stabilisation is used to ensure fake grass surfaces are protected against fading in the sun, where five colour tone combinations are used to create natural, rich colour. Our landscapers can help you choose a bespoke colour and style to compliment your property.



It often surprises our Lightwater customers to hear that an artificial lawn is eco-friendlier than a natural grass lawn. As well as substantially reducing the amount of water used to maintain natural grass, artificial grass wipes out any need for electric or petrol lawn mowers. There is also no need for toxic chemicals such as pesticides, creating a safer environment for wildlife, pets and children.


Easy Repairs

Synthetic grass is extremely easy to replace if you decide to change the colour and style, as well as being easy to repair. The process is fast and affordable, simply contact us to order fake grass replacements or have one of our professional landscapers measure, supply and fit it for you.


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